The Planning Commission of Flushing Township, Michigan, listened to the concerns of local residents regarding the amount of surface area which solar panels could cover when installed on their residential and/or commercial property. This meeting was held on April 9, 2018 as a follow-up to a previous meeting covering this issue. The major point of concern for most residents was the square footage the solar panels could cover once installed on their residential property.

The current proposal allows each homeowner to utilize not more than 192 square feet of coverage on their lot for ground-mounted solar arrays. It was noted by those in attendance that such a constraint would limit the amount of energy which would be realized and perhaps the proposed height limit of 9 feet may not be practical as well. In addition, environmental concerns, current electrical codes and the aesthetic detraction to the neighboring landscape were also at issue. Several residents spoke during the meeting as did some individuals who work in the industry.

The Township has contracted with the engineering firm of Rowe Professional Services Company based in Flint, Michigan to assist with technical details during this process. Members of the Planning Commission were quite interested and very receptive to the queries and comments of the public and appreciate the necessity to accommodate their wishes.

The next regular scheduled meeting is set for May 14, 2018 at 7:00 PM.  More information may be obtained at or Charter Township of Flushing 6542 N. Seymour Road Flushing, Michigan 48433. (810) 659-0800.

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