Flint Mayor Karen Weaver held a press conference on Tuesday to advise Flint resident to still use bottled water and water filters. You don't have to tell me twice.

Mayor Karen Weaver has done a great job trying to regain the trust of the people in Flint. Since news broke about the contaminated water a while back the city has never looked at officials the same, and probably never will. But that's not stopping Weaver from doing her best to protect the people of Flint.

It's crazy that we've been dealing with the water crisis for close to 5 years now, and are in the home stretch of pipe replacement. I can't imagine the damage that has already been caused from the lead poisoning, but now it seems like we have people in positions of power that care and are doing their best.

"We're not finished, so I don't want anybody to be confused about that," said Weaver, whose FAST program has already replace over 18,000 service lines to date and is running ahead of schedule, according to her recent statements.

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