Mari Copeny, aka Little Miss Flint, is taking more action in the fight to fix the Flint Water Crisis by fundraising for a new filtration system.

Copeny has been at the front of the fight for Flint since the beginning, and her efforts have extended way past the water. Her Pack Your Back initiative is constantly doing great things for our community. Now she is taking her experience to help prevent future water crisis in other areas.

Copeny is fundraising with a company called Hydroviv that developed a new water filtration system that was featured on Shark Tank. Her go fund me campaign has raised more than $130k and is upping the goal to $150k. You can contribute to the campaign by clicking on the picture below.

LuLuBrezzell via Go Fund Me
LuLuBrezzell via Go Fund Me

There are many efforts to help fix the Flint Water Crisis, but the good ones are focused on filtering water instead of more bottled water. The excess waste that comes with bottled water has started to build up, and cause a new set of problems.

Bottled water was a much needed quick fix for the immediate problems, but now innovators are starting to realize the need for filtration. The Flint Water Crisis can easily become the Baltimore, Dayton, Boston, Toledo, or any other older city's water crisis. The lessons learned in Flint will hopefully help cities in the future navigate through better than we have.

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