The City of Flint has announced more work is needed as they work to fix a water main break near Dort Highway and Robert T. Longway. The full, unedited text of the news release from the city follows:

The City of Flint’s Department of Public Works is working to repair a water main break in the area of Dort and Longway. That repair will be followed by more scheduled repairs to the system in the area which will begin on Saturday, October 18, 2014 and which should be completed by evening Sunday, October 19. The work being performed will result in improved operational control over a large transmission line running down Dort Hwy. which will include improving chlorine residuals in the southern portion of Flint. No residential customers are connected to this line; however, there will be a reduction of pressure to the system, which may cause low water pressure in the surrounding area.

In accordance with DEQ regulations the City of Flint will be issuing a Boil Water Advisory for the area (see attached map) ONLY if residents lose water service during this 24 hour period. Residents who lose water service during that time should expect to use boiled water for 24 hours after service is restored based on testing. If residents in the area do not experience a loss of water service, then there is no need to boil water. Any residents who do experience a loss of water should call the Water Service Center at 810-766-7202 between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. on Saturday to report the issue.

A Boil Water Advisory is restricted to drinking water and un-boiled water used for cooking. Once again, this is merely a precaution as no one in the affected area should be directly connected to the portion of the system being repaired. Low pressure and discoloration may occur for those in the area, but this is no cause for concern. The City of Flint asks that residents watch their local news station for announcement of the completion of repairs.

A break in the sixteen inch water main was discovered a week ago and crews have since been examining the surrounding system. As a result of that examination, a number of valves in the area were identified as “long overdue” for replacement. “The valves we are replacing in this area have needed attention for quite some time,” said Flint Utilities Administrator Daugherty Johnson, “the fact that we now have the resources and planning to perform this work is a tremendous benefit for the entire City.”

All of the scheduled work taking place is part of an ongoing, broader plan to examine different sections of the water system citywide for needed repairs and upgrades. Upgrading critical infrastructure such as the water system is a key part of the City’s Strategic Plan, which is directly guided by the Master Plan, and part of the City’s commitment to deliver the highest quality water possible.

Water Map 10 15 2014