Get up-to-the-minute updates from WFNT's own Dan Foley, who is in attendance for the 11th Republican Presidential Primary Debate in Detroit.

10:18:  Heading over to the spin room soon.  Signing off for now.

10:14:  Megyn is SO good.  She stays calm and on point...

10:09:  Megyn staying tenacious on the facts of the Trump U case.

10:06:  Rubio:  There's a difference between flexibility and telling people what they want to hear.

10:05:  Trump expounding the virtues of flexibility.  Is that John Kasich piling on?  People want someone they can trust.  Is that a swipe at Trump's flexibility?  What will the Trump word be for Kasich?  I could see, "rumpled."

10:03:  Trump is better when he responds like this...

10:01:  Trump getting the video discrepancy treatment.  Didn't dodge it by skipping the last Fox debate.

9:51:  But targeting terrorist families?  Well...  So what is the answer?  Will you order the military to target terrorist families?

9:50:  The military won't refuse my illegal orders, believe me.

9:45:  "People don't want a short term job," Trump.  Rubio: HB1 advantage for Trump: the people he brings in can't go anywhere else.  "It's a legal process.  I take advantage."

9:41:  "Keep the brain power."  So you're changing.  Yes.  That's why people would like to hear the NY Times interview...

9:34:  "Not very flexible..." on immigration, says Trump.  As Scott Adams would call it, strategic ambiguity.  Thinks he's a "Master Persuader."

9:32:  Megyn & Donald about as I expected, a little making nice.

9:30:  Hitting Cruz where it hurts.  Immigration.  Why isn't Jeff Sessions supporting you?  Not going to hear him talking about standing "shoulder to shoulder" with Jeff Sessions tonight...

9:27:  "We need people to get along"...Donald Trump

9:24:  Chris Wallace exerting some control!

9:21:  Little Marco, Little Marco, Little Marco...what a joke.

9:20:  "The answer is, he's not going to do it.  There are plenty of people making clothes in America.  The reason he makes clothes in China is because he makes more money..."  Yup.

9:13:  Whew!  A John Kasich interlude...

9:00:  Here we go!

8:35:  The protesters have been dispersed.  The countdown has begun.

7:40:  Lot's of George Soros employees out in front of the Fox Theatre now showing their support!  I cracked a joke on the way back in to the secret service guy.  "Lot of Trump supporters out there!"  No smile.  Then he replied, 'they'll be looking for someplace to go after they're dispersed.'  He suggested they could well end up with us in HockeyTown.  Same guy who suggested I might not want to take a picture of the security detail.  He scares me.

7:00:  HockeyTown is filling up.  The debate starts next door at the Fox Theatre in just 2 more hours.  Hoping I'll be awake.  Detectives on stake out surely understand the grind.  Caffeine drip started...

5:15pm:  Holy Christmas!  The salmon was INCREDIBLE!!!  Impressive spread they put out for the political paparazzi.  Now I need a little cat nap...

5:00pm:  Charlie Leduff stopped by to chat with us.  He has not been contacted by Trump about the VP slot (Jason asked--when we ran into him at the Birch Run Trump event, Charlie had floated the idea that he'd be a great VP pick).  He laughed about Romney's speech today, getting wild eyed and imitating a crazy, moth-ball smelling uncle out on the loose.  When I shared my theory (the Republican blitzkrieg on Trump at this point helps him in the general) he took notes.  I'm sure he won't credit me if he writes it up.  Maybe he was just being nice...  We all agreed that the best way to measure Trump's stubby little fingers would be in terms of the stack of $100 bills he could wedge between his thumb and forefinger.  $150k?  If I get the chance I will ask in the spin room...

4:38pm:  For future reference; pictures of the guys working security are not permitted.  Thank goodness they have soft hands...

4:05pm:  Fox News digital editor, Chris Stirewalt, just getting a tour of the press room.

3:50pm:  We are settled in at HockeyTown, the press room for tonight's Republican Presidential debate!  Nice set up.  Looking forward to some fireworks!  Jason Cooper is working the room.  I am eating.  Thanks to Mark Powers who came down here when they opened up this morning at 7am to grab us a prime location!

The 11th Republican Presidential Debate is set to begin at 9p at Detroit's Fox Theatre. Live updates will begin shortly before the debate.

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