The Detroit Tigers are playing some split squad, spring training ball today, and they've tapped Jim Harbaugh to coach first base against the Pirates.

It's such a good feeling to have baseball back, and Michigan fans get the added bonus of having Harbaugh on the field.

He took a break from his outstanding recruiting efforts to join the Tigers as they take on the Pirates.  Listen to what he has to say about the experience to work with the Tigers.

Nobody thinks that Harbaugh is going to stay at Michigan forever, so maybe this is a hint that a baseball career could be in the future!  OK, there's absolutely no chance of that!

The fact that he has the best recruiting class in the country tells us that he's going to be at U of M for a ling time.  Now when it comes to Brad Ausmus, maybe he should start getting buddy/buddy with Harbaugh in case he has another season like the last one.