Excavation was halted at 717 Alma Street in Flint after MDEQ arrived and asked about permits and authorization for replacing a lead service line.

It is unclear at this point who authorized the excavation. Mayor Weaver announced previously that replacing lead service lines would begin today. We called the Mayor for comment, but were unable to reach her.

Waldorf & Sons, Inc said they were hired by Crescent Contracting to begin the excavation. We left a message for Mohammed Hammoud, President of Crescent, for comment.

The MDEQ representative onsite was not aware of the excavation, and was trying to get information on who had authorized the work. Flint City Councilman, Eric Mays, was also on the scene and got into a shouting match with Arthur Woodson. Police are also on the scene. Woodson is with the Flint Coalition which hired Crescent Contracting. Jenan Jondi with the Flint Coalition is also on the scene.

MDEQ is currently checking on permits. Construction may or may not resume today.

As reported by Sherman Mays.

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