The latest round of water testing Flint shows some improvements, but revealed that a few schools are still above the legal lead level.

The 13 active schools in Flint were tested, with more than 700 samples taken. The results show that two-thirds of the samples show no lead in the water at all. This is a major improvement, but the report wasn't just good news.

Three percent of the samples taken showed lead levels above the federal action level. The biggest spikes showed up at Flint's Doyle Ryder Elementary. Mayor Karen Weaver released the following statement after the results were made public.

It’s encouraging to see that most of the water sample results are below the federal action level for lead. However, we cannot ignore that some of the sites tested show elevated lead levels, which leads us to believe there is still more work that needs to be done

Flint schools are still using bottled water donated, but the program that brings the bottled water in is scheduled to end in June.

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