The Karegnondi Water Authority has received its authorization from the Department of Environmental Quality that will allow construction of 80 miles of pipeline from Lake Huron to the City of Flint. The notice was issued on Monday, June 16th.

Of the notice, Genesee County Drain Commissioner Jeff Wright said "we are happy to have one more step completed as we move closer to having our own water system. My office and others have been working with the DEQ throughout this entire process, and greatly appreciate the positive working relationship with them as well as residents along the pipeline."

The permit, 13-25-0060-P, allows for the pipeline ranging from 36 to 66 inches in diameter, to be laid underground. The DEQ permit also allows for the installation of pipe under some 50 streams including Birch Creek, the Black River, Cedar Creek and the Holloway Reservoir/Flint River.

Installation of the pipeline is expected to begin in mid-July.


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