We were just talking about this the other day!

Like many kids this year, our son is going to a virtual version of school. We're all in the same storm, but traversing it in different boats. For us, in our boat, we're doing okay. But the ONE THING that we were wondering is...what about school pictures?

It's not like we don't all have a thousand pics of our kids on our phones, but school pictures are a time-honored tradition. We can all go without, of course; however, the big photo companies have figured out a way to do it this year.

Lifetouch is the biggest school photography company in the United States; they've been around for 80 years and have photographed millions of students. Recently, they merged with Shutterfly and now, they are offering an at-home option for picture day during COVID-19.

It's called Picture Day Snaps @Home. All you have to do is download the Shutterfly app on your mobile device and take a picture of your child. You can then customize it with your favorite background and order a package and BOOM. You've got school pictures!

If your kids are IN school, Lifetouch is still doing school pictures in person with COVID precautions.

Everybody is having to learn how to adapt for the forseeable future, and photography is no different. We're going to order pictures of our son from the Shutterfly app! Can't go through a school year without school pictures, right?

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