While Governor Snyder sat before the House Oversight Committee saying things like "finger pointing won't do any good" and "let's work together," one kid was busy crafting a poignant takedown of the Ricktator on notebook paper.

Children have a unique gift to look at certain situations in a way that cuts through all the bulls***, and see things for what they really are. While some of the adults on Capitol Hill were busy buying every last drop of snake oil Rick Snyder had for sale, 10-year-old Broghan MacIntyre was crafting a piece of artwork that would make for an excellent political attack ad during the next election... if the Governor even makes it that far before being recalled, that is.

Thanks to the AFL-CIO and Washington D.C. based artist, activist, and photographer Heather Wilson (@anomadphotog on Instagram), we were able to get a clearer picture of how Flint kids see the water crisis. These are the result of "kids drawing their own testimonies during the US Congressional Hearing," which is a pretty moving way to remind people not to be distracted by the song and dance currently going on before the House Oversight Committee... if you ask me.