Kettering University plans to open a community ice rink inside Atwood Stadium next week and members of the community will be able to skate free of charge.

According to MLive, the rink is on schedule to open next week provided the weather cooperates. However, once its open, it probably won't be open daily "unless the need arises."

The supplies to build the rink cost about $9,000 and were delivered in December. Members of Kettering's maintenance, facilities, grounds and recreation staff began assembling the 140-foot by 70-foot laying the liner and raising the walls. The rink will sit on the turf which should not be harmed. On Thursday, Michigan Water Transport will send about four truckloads of water into the stadium to freeze for a four-inch-thick ice rink.

The weekend forecast calls for freezing temperatures this weekend, and as long as that holds, the rink will open for business. Initially it will be open some weeknights and on the weekends.

For more information and hours, call Kettering University's Recreation Center front desk at (810) 762-9732.

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