The Kettering University Esports team plans on gaming for 24 hours straight to raise money for Hurley Children's Hospital.

The event is part of the Extra Life program at Hurley Children's Hospital. Extra Life is a really cool program that helps bring gamers from all around the world together to help kids at Children's Miracle Network hospitals.

The Kettering Esports team has planned a marathon gaming session for November 13th at 10 am. The goal is to have people log in to watch or play with the team, all while accepting donations for Hurley.

On the donation site, the team gives a great explanation of why they decided to help the Extra Life program at Hurley.

We're on a mission to play games to help change kids' lives. We're working with Hurley Children's Hospital to help them raise money for their kids. They treat many kids annually, regardless of their illness, injury or family's ability to pay

The team has set a goal of $5,000 for the fundraiser, and if you are able to help, you can donate here.

I'm happy to see the Kettering Esports team doing this type of fundraiser for many reasons. Obviously, the fact that it helps Hurley Children's Hospital is a great thing, but there's more than that.

Esports often get lumped into a negative mindset for many people who still look down on competitive gaming. These are the people who have never really looked into the progress that Esports has made throughout the world. There are already many Michigan schools, both high school, and college, that have established Esports teams. Events like this will only help to legitimize the group for those people that are a little slow to catch up.

If you need one more piece of evidence of how much great work is being done for Extra Life through Esports, just check out their fundraising total nationally so far this year.

That's a lot of money for a useless hobby, right?

During the fundraiser, the team will be playing a variety of games including, "Overwatch,” “League of Legends,” “Rainbow Six Siege,” “Super Smash Brothers Ultimate” and “Valorant,” in addition to “Minecraft,” “Counter-Strike” and other party-style games. If you're interested in finding out more about the Kettering Esports team, you can check them out here.

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