Can you imagine hearing that your child has a tumor that is TOO BIG to remove?

That was the nightmare for the Vargo family. Laura and Drew are the proud parents of Avery, Quinn, and Reese. When Reese was just three-years-old, her dad felt a lump on her tummy while he was giving her a bath.

They took her to a doctor and she was sent to Hurley Children's Hospital, where they found out that it wasn't just any lump - it was stage 3 kidney cancer.

"It's definitely a surreal moment; it's been close to six years since our journey started. Just through all of the help and support we got from the hospital, it really helped us get through everything. We had a huge support team with the nurses and the doctors; they were a miracle for us and to help Reese get through."

"You never, ever think it's going to be you and your family. I still get goosebumps. And when it does, the people at the hospital are the ones you lean on the most."

Reese has been cancer-free for SIX YEARS and is a student at Central Elementary in Davison. And for Christmas, she raises money to buy toys for the kids at Hurley Children's Hospital so that the kids there will have a happy holiday.

Can you be a miracle maker for kids like Reese and her family? Call 877-719-KIDS to donate or text HURLEY to 51555.

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