It was a rough day for Detroit Lions fans as Jeopardy! took a savage shot at them during a recent episode.

On last night's episode, Jeopardy! contestants were given a category titled "Predictions By 2030." The answer that was given ended up being a $600 jab at the Detroit franchise. The answer read "As of 2018, this NFC North team had never even made the Super Bowl, much less won it, but by 2030? Gotta happen, right?" The question was obviously "Who are the Detroit Lions?"

The Lions are not alone though. The Jacksonville Jaguars, Cleveland Browns, and Houston Texans, along with the Detroit Lions are the only NFL teams to never have made a Super Bowl.

Of course, when this aired, fans and haters alike took to social media to share their pleasure and pain. Now we can only hope that the answer will ring true and the Detroit Lions will win a Super Bowl by 2030. We can only hope.

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