Juwan Howard has become a fan favorite for the head coaching job at Michigan.

Since Beilein left unexpectedly earlier this month, U of M has been scrambling to find the new face of basketball in Ann Arbor. The usual names had been thrown into the mix, but yesterday a favorite emerged.

Reports came out that U of M had spoken to former Fab Five member, Juwan Howard. Unlike his other Fab Five alumni, Howard skipped the broadcasting desk and went into coaching. Howard has spent the last several years on the Miami Heat bench as an assistant coach.

During his time in Miami, he played with Lebron and Wade, and coached Wade over the last few years. Both of the NBA super stars have shown major support for Howard getting the Michigan job.

Those are some pretty powerful endorsements, but does it mean Howard will be a good fit at Michigan?

History has taught us one thing when it comes to college vs the NBA. The worlds of coaching rarely cross over smoothly.

Few college coaches have been able to make the jump to the NBA, but the road back to college can be just as difficult. Howard has yet to hold a head coaching job, and the University of Michigan is a pretty big "first job".

None of those things stopped his former Fab Five teammate Jalen Rose from endorsing him on ESPN.

So what do you think?

Is Juwan Howard the right guy for the job?

Also doesn't he look a lot like Sam The Eagle from the Muppet Show?

Getty Images/The Muppet Show
Getty Images/The Muppet Show

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