Go ahead, comment all you want about how "I don't shop online." At this point, it doesn't matter.

Dressbarn has announced that it's closing all of their 650 stores and yes, that includes their Linden Road location and the one in Birch Run. For the timebeing, all stores will stay open but eventually, every location will close.

Whenever a retail chain goes out of businesss, I see the typical barrage of comments from people who say that they "never shop online." The bottom line is that it doesn't matter anymore. Peoples' buying habits are changing. People will buy based on price over quality, especially when it comes to a dress that they'll likely only wear once.

What we NEED to do is find the happy medium between online purchases and brick-and-mortar stores, because commenting on Facebook about how you only buy local and never shop online is clearly not helping.

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