What's that expression about better late than never?

That cliche may be up for some serious debate after a 70-year-old woman in India gave birth last month to her first child.

Daljinder Kaur and her 79-year-old husband welcomed a healthy boy following two years of fertility treatment.

Kaur is over the moon to finally be a parent:

I feel blessed to be able to hold my own baby. I had lost hope of becoming a mother ever. I used to feel empty. There was so much loneliness."

And get this: Kaur may actually be older than 70, since many citizens in the country don't have birth certificates. The clinic which helped get her pregnant says she's 72.

One fertility expert isn't exactly ready to chip in and buy the new parents a crib, though, saying carrying a baby at Kaur's age -- whatever that may be -- "is stressful. Then the question comes how are the parents going to look after the baby? That is also quite a task."

The clinic claims the baby was conceived using Kaur's egg and her husband's sperm, but Britain's Guardian says donor eggs were actually involved. The clinic also said Kaur was healthy enough to carry the baby to term.

Interestingly, another 72-year-old woman in India gave birth -- to twins -- via in vitro fertilization back in 2008.

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