Last week we learned that IHOP was going to change their name to IHOB. One letter difference, but we all assumed the b was for breakfast, right? We were all wrong. It doesn't stand for breakfast, or bacon, or belini, or any word linked to breakfast in any way.



I don't know about you, but I am not thrilled about this announcement. I can get a burger and a pancake at every coney island in town that serves all-day breakfast. I also think if you are good at something, just be good at that thing. In this case breakfast. They always switch it up for the season with pumpkin spice pancakes, strawberry pancakes, Belgian dark moose pancakes. I want a breakfast place in town that has a new flavor of pancake every month.

Are they going to do the same with the burgers? Will there be a cinnamon roll burger? Will they incorporate a pancake somehow on the burger? Maybe as a middle bun? They do have a Big Brunch burger with hash browns and egg on it. I guess I could get down with that. I just feel like the b being for burgers could be confusing. They are still serving all the yummy pancakes and other breakfast items they always have, they have just added beef products. There you go! Internation House of Beef.

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