An 81-year-old woman and her Realtor were looking a home in Flint Township when they were assaulted and robbed. Flint Township Police are asking the public to help identify the person responsible.

According to ABC12, the robbery happened in the 3300 block of Renault Drive in Flint Township this week just before 6:30 pm. The women and her Realtor were approached by a man in a ski mask demanding money. He was carrying a black semi-automatic gun. The 81-year-old woman was assaulted and had her purse and phone stolen. The Realto had her phone stolen as well.

After the robbery, a security camera recorded the man getting into the passenger side of a red Chevy Cruise. If you know anything about this robbery, or you recognize the man or the car, please call Flint Township Police at 810-600-3250.

It is hard to believe that anyone would rob and assault a woman in her 80s in broad daylight, but it does happen. Someone has to know something about this if you do please alert the Flint Township Police Department.

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