And so with a BANG, it all began, with incalculable dust and ice particles sprinting across the infinite blackness of space. After an age uncertain, the gaseous mass coalesced in a central area of the cosmos and gravitated into itself, producing a spectacle of heat and light, and creating a desire among the remainder of scattered atoms to become part of this commotion. Engrossed in their jubilance, they were compelled to encircle this display of brilliance, and convene in a harmonious trajectory, to celebrate the dawn of existence. After the initial bustle and jockeying for position, the celestial bodies made an agreement to synchronize their positions as they traveled daily, and contracted with the epicenter of their orbits to be the governor of that agreement.

Each world would manage its own affairs by offering enticements to entities willing to accept, and capable of enduring the conditions set forth by the ecosphere therein. Any inhabitant would be unique to each planet and develop characteristics undiscernible to inhabitants of neighboring planets. Perhaps this secret identity between occupants would be the ingredient necessary to ensure permanence of the galaxy.

Earth in its infinite wisdom, produced a habitat conducive to life as we know it. It was aware of our need for oxygen, temperate climate, potable water, and the natural resources we require for shelter, when it experienced its own environmental disruptions. Earth also knew to distribute the seasonal changes across its vastness to accommodate the population it would eventually host. It had the foresight to divide the hours of darkness and daylight equally, and to offer an abundance of vegetation for the sustainability of the diverse number of co-tenants which would roam the terra-firma.

So as not to be alone in its existence, Earth elected to generate beings to enjoy the bounty it produced while situating itself among its fellow planets. Knowing what it had to offer and what species would make the most efficient use of those properties, Earth began the process of populating itself. Of its cosmic neighbors, was it first to begin this activity, or did it copy the tried methods of galactic protocol? It is asserted that logical astuteness controlled the process prompting orb number three to use a system of chain progression to colonize itself. From the simplest molecule to the most complex, Earth showed the universe how to add to the community of interplanetary existences using systematic theories of science, as the basis for controlled chaos.

As the inhabitants of Earth we enjoy our existence, we query the existence of beings elsewhere in the galaxy. Incapable to determine with certainty the existence of others, earthlings hypothesize the possibility of not being alone. If our planet was generous enough to construct us, surely the others must have done so as well. Man’s hope is to eventually break the code of interstellar secrecy or experience an encounter by a sophisticated presence from the outer reaches of space, then surely the mysteries will unfold.

As we anticipate the arrival of a space traveler, and while we continue our quest for universal knowledge, we must not omit some obvious facts. Science has failed to offer conclusive evidence as to the origin of the universe. Several theories abound along with spectacular numerical equations and discussions of advanced physics between scientists, astronomers and professors. While the learned among us insist on the ‘big bang theory’, that is, a cosmic explosion from the nothingness of space, I must insert this question into the debate; “is not space, something? And, according to science, it is, then, something, the bang, can’t occur from nothing, so where did space come from?”

The evolutionists, atheists, scientists and skeptics have failed to allow for the possibility of God as the architect of the physical universe and the creator of man and other living things. So he, man, continues to question the mysteries of the universe. Whether by the chance of science or by Devine design, the question of what does it all mean, for some, remains unanswered.