Get ready for some serious wind tomorrow throughout Michigan.

Even though we have warmer temperatures heading our way for the next few days, we still might see some severe weather. A storm is building and Michigan will see a big storm late Friday, December 10th through Saturday, December 11th, 2021.

What kind of significant weather can we expect to see on Saturday?

According to NBC25 and FOX66 Chief Meteorologist Ahmad Bajjey, we can expect a lot of high wind with gusts up to 55 miles per hour, moderate to heavy rainfall, and more.  Bajjey has declared Saturday, December 11th to be the second StormReady Alert Day in our area.

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The winds will be at their highest starting around 9 am on Saturday and continuing through 6 pm. Michiganders could see wind gust above 50 miles per hour and because of that, the National Weather Service has issued a High Wind Watch.

What can I do to prepare for possible power outages?

As always, high winds have the potential of knocking out the power anywhere in Michigan. Be sure to check your flashlights and make sure you have extra batteries, along with making sure your mobile devices are charged in case you lose power.

The State of Michigan has a complete checklist for before, during, and after a power outage available here.

To be honest, if there is one form of nature that I absolutely hate it is wind, especially in the wintertime. High winds and cold temperatures just make me want to hibernate. I love Michigan, born and raised here, but I can't believe I still live in a state where the wind can physically hurt when you walk outside.

Source: Mid-Michigan Now

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