Want to find a piece of the meteor that lit up the sky Tuesday night? (I'll tell you right up front, it's a longshot!) Experts believe the rogue fireball probably landed in or near Hamburg Township in Livingston County.

Bill Cooke, lead for NASA's Meteoroid Environment Office in Huntsville, AL tells the Detroit Free Press that the fragments are likely to be rather small.

"Meteorites, perhaps 1-2 ounces in size, are likely spread over a 2½-mile area west of Hamburg."

Cook tells the paper the meteor was about six feet wide and estimates that it broke up about 20 miles above the earth.

Since meteorites are rarer than gold, reports indicate the fragments can go for up to $1,000 per oz.

If you didn't catch the show (or just want to see it again) check out the video that Mike Austin captured wile driving on I-75 here.

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