We're now living in a world with laundry-folding robots and 146' TVs. Suck on that, Marty McFly.

Sure, flying cars, hoverboards that actually hover, instant pizza hydrators, and Mr.  Fusion would all be awesome gadgets if they were real, but this isn't 'Back to the Future.' This is real life. Honestly, if wearing those lame ass color changing hats were fashionable, I'd be living off the grid anyway. Besides, some of the stuff they're showcasing at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show is way more impressive than a pizza steamer.

The annual tech conference is currently underway in Las Vegas and there have already been some pretty game-changing reveals. Unsurprisingly, there's a lot of screen-based tech on display at CES. Perhaps the buzziest of which is "The Wall," a 146 inch TV using LED technology more akin to what you'd found in a smartwatch than a TVs. There's also a crazy ass roll-up TV (yes, they roll up like a newspaper), which you can get a better look at in the video below.

A lot of this tech is still a few years out for those of us living below the poverty line and at the lower middle, but there are some innovations that we'll see a little sooner. Xfinity, for example, will be gifting customers with smart-home automation capabilities via their gateway routers free of charge.

The Best (In My Opinion)

The most exciting one for me is the laundry-folding robot. I've read that it's likely going to be priced between $900 and $1000, but when you hate folding clothes as much as I do -- it's worth it.

The Worst

This one-wheeled hoverboard-segue-skateboard Frankenstein monster is not only a ridiculous looking catastrophic accident waiting to happen, but it's also $1,500-$1,800. No thanks. I can manage to get my ass kicked and look stupid for free.

To see a full list of some of the highlights, Engadget has compiled a pretty solid lineup for their Best of CES finalists, which you can see by clicking here.

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