What's your favorite Christmas movie? Keep that in mind as you read on to find out what each state picked as its fave.

The website House Method surveyed about 4,500 people in the US to find out their favorite Christmas movie and -- possibly more importantly -- determine definitively if 'Diehard' is a Christmas movie.

Ready for some results?

If you picked 'A Christmas Story' as your favorite Christmas movie, you agree with the majority of Michigan residents. I, however, will soon be excommunicated from my home state, because I choose 'Elf.' I guess I'll be moving to Indiana because Buddy gets rave reviews from Hoosiers. "Indiana Wants Me" as the old song says. But I digress ...

'A Christmas Story' seems to be a hit with fans, because it was picked as the favorite movie in 24 states, raking in 12.8% of the votes.

Bob Newhart and Will Ferrell come in close behind with 11 states (11.2% of the votes) picking 'Elf' as their fave.

These three Christmas favorites round out the Top 5:

  • Home Alone (8.9%) is the favorite in four states
  • It’s a Wonderful Life (7.8%) is the favorite in three states
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas (6.3%) is the favorite in just one state.

And now the burning question:  Is Die Hard a Christmas movie? 40.79% of Americans say yes.

Does your favorite Christmas movie match your state? Let us know in the comments below.

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