There are plenty of important issues on the ballot today for Genesee County voters, including five mayoral races.

Before you do anything voting related, the first thing you need to know is if you are registered to vote. You can find out right here, along with where you are supposed to vote at. The best part is that in Michigan, you can register to vote on election day thanks to a 2018 proposal. So don't worry if you haven't registered yet, just head over here and take care of business.

Now that you're registered, and you know where to vote, you should learn a little bit about what will be on your ballot. There are a couple of options to do that. You can stay on the Secretary of State site and view sample ballots here. You could also check out the Genesee County Clerks voting site here for a list of ballots.

Make sure you research a little bit about the issues and people you will be voting for, then get out to cast your ballot. The polls are open from 7am this morning to 8pm tonight.

Check out a complete list of ballot issues and races in Genesee County here.

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