Flint's Hurley Children's Hospital is in a tight race for $50,000 in the Vote For Miracles contest.

The good news is that you can make a huge difference by just taking a couple of minutes of your day to vote. The money is part of a $100,000 purse that will be given away to Children's Miracle Network hospitals that receive the most votes.

Hurley has been the winner in this contest for the last three years, and we all want to see them continue their win streak.

Hurley Children's Hospital is focused on giving children everything they need while they are in care. I've taken my son there when he fell and needed stitches, and they took care of him like he was the most important patient of the day.

That's the kind of care that every child receives at Hurley Children's Hospital, and that's why this money is so important. You can click on the picture below to vote now.


You can vote once per day, per email address until the contest wraps up on December 18th.

Hurley is currently trading the top spot with Devos Hospital in Grand Rapids, and need your vote to take the top spot.

One of the ways you can tell the importance of a fundraiser is how willing people are to donate their own money. Check out the challenge from one of the doctors at Hurley running today.

He's going to give $10,000 additional dollars . . . not if Hurley wins, but if we just claim the top spot at any point today! That's huge!

Thank you in advance for voting every day and making sure that Hurley can continue to work miracles for kids in our city.


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