...and he's looking for YOUR help.

A friend of the show sent us a letter that he received from a neighbor, wondering if we can spread the word.

Joe Goetz lives in the Sandalwood subdivision in Grand Blanc. His son is retiring from the United States Navy; unfortunately, because of COVID-19, his retirement ceremony has been canceled. So, this week, his son and his family are making the drive home to Grand Blanc from Washington state, and Joe wants to make sure that his return is a celebration.

He's organizing a mini-parade on Thursday, August 6th from 2:15 to 2:45 PM.

Here's the proposed route:

courtesy of Joe Goetz
courtesy of Joe Goetz

According to the letter sent to neighbors, "the plan is filling the streets with folks from Maple Street to my residence on Sandalwood Court while maintaining social distance from person-to-person." He's also asking that participants wear masks.

You can wave a small flag, clap or honk the horn of your parked car. Joe is also requesting the presence of any local veterans and muscle cars.

If you'd like to participate, you can contact Joe at 810-962-3884. If you live on the route or near it, he's requesting that you text your house number to him to ensure that his son drives by.

Joe is asking that you do NOT park on the route, as parking will be tight.

Lastly, this is meant to be a SURPRISE, so we're trying to get the word out without spoiling it. Joe will be presenting his son with an award from the Navy that couldn't be given to him at his retirement ceremony.

The end of his letter reads, "Thank you in advance from the my family's hearts. Your support represents our community's patriotic passion for one of our own who served his country for 20 years."

courtesy of Joe Goetz
courtesy of Joe Goetz
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