In a news conference on Wednesday, Governor Snyder said that there has been a spike in Legionnaires' cases in Flint over the past two years.

The Detroit News says Snyder said it was unclear whether the spike in the disease are a direct result of the contaminated water to the more than 80 cases that have been reported since June 2014. Of the 87 total cases, 10 deaths have been reported.

According to the News, Legionairres' disease "is a respiratory illness caused by a certain bacteria in warm fresh water that leads to pneumonia. The bacteria can be found in large plumbing systems, hot tubs, air conditioning units in large building and fountains." The disease is usually contract in the summer said the governor.

Over the 4-5 year period before fall 2014, Genesee County had about 8-10 cases annually. Snyder said there in an ongoing investigation into what caused the spike in the cases.