Things are not getting better when it comes to Covid-19 in Genesee County. The CDC has just listed the Flint area as a "substantial risk" for the new Delta variant of Covid that has been running rampant all over the country.

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has listed Genesee County in the 'substantial risk' category for COVID-19 infections


The CDC says they are recommending areas of the country with substantial or high risk for COVID-19 infection to wear a mask in public settings.


Genesee County now falls under this risk rate and now will be protected from evictions as well according to the CDC.

So masks are back and now things are starting to get serious again. I'll be honest in saying that we really didn't do a good job the first time with Covid-19. If anything, it showed just how much we're lacking as a community when it comes time to really band together on a particular goal.  As you remember the mask mandate didn't really with people because they felt like their rights were being taken away.

I can understand that, but we are dealing with a virus. So whatever measures we need to take to prevent the spread of this new variant, I'm all for it.

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