Reports are showing that two men in Genesee County have contracted the new Delta variant of the COVID-19 virus that's starting to gain momentum in the west. The new Delta variant originated in India and made it all the way here to Michigan just to ruin our day.

The crazy part about this report is that of the two men that contracted the new variant, one of them was vaccinated. Excuse me!? 

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The Genesee County Health Department has been notified of two Genesee County residents whose additional testing at the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services Bureau of Laboratories was positive for the Delta (B.1.617.2) variant of COVID-19.


According to the Genesee County Health Department, one of the patients was fully vaccinated when they contracted the Delta variant. The other patient was not vaccinated.

Now, I don't wanna start any panic but you're telling me even if I get vaccinated I can still catch the new variant? More research will show that getting vaccinated will definitely help combat the new virus variant but it won't completely stop you from contracting it.

Great, that means we still have a small chance of going back into lockdown. If this new variant gets outta control like the OG variant we could very well have another 2020 on our hands. Don't think so? Well, remember how everyone was saying that there is NO WAY a virus will shut down everything, and yet here we are.

Just do your best to stay protected and remember to get vaccinated if you haven't been. So that way you at least have some type of defense from this new variant.

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