Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton announced Monday that the Hometown Inn will remain padlocked for the next three months. The motel on Miller Road in Flint Township has been shut down since February 26th after Leyton filed a complain asking the court to shut it down due to a repeated history of drug trafficking and use, prostitution and violence. At a hearing on Monday, the court heard further arguments from Leyton and agreed to issue an order to keep it closed for another 90 days.

According to a news release from the prosecutor's office, the owners of the motel have agreed to take several steps over the next 90 days to try and rehabilitate and improve the conditions there. During the 90 days and after improvements have been made, the owners may petition Leyton to have it reopened for business. Some of the improvements include increased security, fencing around the property and surveillence video equipment.

In a statement, Leyton said he has "no problem with reputable owners offering accommodations to the public" but they "must be of such a standard so as not to interfere with the health, safety and welfare of the public. Repeated drug trafficking, prostitution and violence do not meet that standard."

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