The long awaited energy bill had included millions for Flint to help with the water crisis is moving forward, but without any of the money designated for Flint.

The bill has been stalled for a while because of the objections of Utah Republican Sen. Mike Lee.  He objected to the way that the money going to Flint was funded, so the bill is now moving forward without the money.

Michigan's Debbie Stabenow had tough words for Lee's constant protest,

"It's totally unacceptable that Sen. Lee continues to block a vote on our fully paid for, bipartisan agreement to help Flint and other communities across the nation who have serious lead and water problems. This is about something as basic as making sure families have clean water to drink and children with lead poisoning get the help they need."

So far, Lee hasn't publicly commented about the money for Flint being removed.

There has been quite a bit of criticism lately about how long it has taken for money to come in to Flint.  Partnered with the new conversation about long term effects of the Flint Water Crisis, this is a big blow.

The bill originally had $250 Million dedicated to helping rebuild the water infrastructure, but now there is no money.

If you would like to reach out to Senator Lee to let him know how you feel about him blocking the aid coming to Flint, you can do it at his website.