There will now be three Back to the Bricks cars shows in 2014 after organizers announced Mt. Pleasant and Cadillac will host their own Back to the Bricks extravaganzas.

According to MLive, Back to the Bricks Secretary Jerry Preston said "we're going to extend the brand" when announcing Thursday they had licensed the Back to the Bricks name and usage to the two cities.

The two cities were disappointed that they weren't stops on the 2014 Back to the Bricks promotional tour after they had been the past two years. Both cities paid a licensing fee of $1,000 and will be able to use the Back to the Bricks name, a logo modified to show their own city, and hold a car show called Back to the Bricks. There are a couple of other guidelines they will have to follow from the Flint show including their show being free to participants and the number of free T-shirts given out.

The two shows will take place in June and July while Flint's will take place in August as it has in the past.

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