With all of the water bottle donations for Flint, the next question is what do we do with all the empty water bottles?

While scenes of the National Guard pulling into neighborhoods with bottles of water, celebrities bringing semi trucks full, and even Canadian hockey teams bringing in pallets of water bottles, we are thankful for all of the help from everyone who has decided to pitch in and help Flint with a delivery of water. But now, the question is, how do we get rid of all these plastic water bottles in a responsible way?

Below, you will find a few options for you and your family to recycle the plastic bottles that I have found by either word of mouth, on social media or via Flint Joint Information Center. Please make sure to call ahead before you drop off a load of bottles to be recycled to make sure that the local business is aware of your plans. Also know that all water bottles must be returned in clear plastic bags. Solid color bags or grocery bags will not be accepted.

Drop off recycling: 

  • Young's Environmental - 5305 N. Dort Hwy, Flint - 810.789.7155 (8am - 6pm ,M-F)
  • Sacred Elements - 400 S. Dort Hwy, Flint - 810.259.2570
  • Food Bank of Eastern Michigan - 2300 Lapeer Rd, Flint - 810.239.4441
  • Bill Carr Signs - 719 West 12th, Flint (8am - 4pm, M-F)
  • Dover & Company - 651 Hall St, Flint (8am - 4pm, M-F)
  • Fire Station #1 - 310 E. Fifth St, Flint (9am - 9pm, Daily)
  • Fire Station #5 - 3402 Western Rd, Flint (9am - 9pm, Daily)
  • Fire Station #8 - 202 E. Atherton, Flint (9am - 9pm, Daily)

Curb-side recycling:

  • Republic Services - No cost recycle bins added to your weekly trash pickup - 800.438.0966

Water Cartridge Recycling:

  • TarraCycle is providing water filer replacement cartridge recycling for PUR and Brita cartridges at water resource sites.

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