The City of Flint is expected to issue an advisory to its water customers on ways to minimize exposure to lead in the water.

MLive says Flint Mayor Dayne Walling confirmed the move after the Greater Flint Health Coalition approved a resolution asking the city to issue an advisory. Representatives had met privately with Walling and other city officials to express their concerns about the safety of Flint water.

Walling's statement to MLive said the city "will be issuing an advisory" on the matter "in cooperation with health partners promoting ways to minimize the exposure to lead such as flushing pipes when the water has been sitting." No date for when the advisory would be issued was specified.

Flint has struggled with the water quality since switching to the Flint River as its primary water source in April 2014. The city had previously purchased its water from Detroit, but after agreeing to purchase water from the Karegnondi Water Authority, was cut off from Detroit at the end of its contract.