Soap Box Derby racing returned to Flint last weekend for the first time in 25 years.

Soap Box Derby racing had been a long standing Flint tradition, but the races stopped about 25 year ago. Kevin Cronin is the executive director of the revitalized 'Flint Soap Box Derby Race' and helped to bring the race back to Flint.

He talked to Mlive at the event about why the race is so important for Flint.

This is a great program for the city. It’s about the city at the end of the day, and about this community. What we’re seeing so far is that this is a really powerful community where people really rally together, and this will be a really good thing going forward. Not only do we believe these efforts will build critical skills, but we also know they’ll build friendships and a sense of community that will last


The weather could not have been better for the races at Kettering Saturday. My family and I watched as each racer checked over their car, and got some last minute advice.

The kids were serious about winning, but no matter what, at the end of the race they ran directly over to each other to talk. Then ran back up the hill hoping for a chance to do it all again.


When all the racing was done, a racer from Grand Blanc walked away with the crown and will compete in Nationals. Chase McCallum was the winner, and will head to Akron to compete in Nationals in July.

The craziest part about the whole thing is that Chase's dad was also a Flint Soap Box Derby Champion. His dad Tim won the race back in 1982!

This is a perfect example of how something like Soap Box Derby racing can bring everyone together.