The Flint Police Department has unveiled a new system for non-emergency reporting online. According to WNEM, the system will allow residents to submit a non-emergency report through the city's website.

Known as COPLOGIC (Citizens Online Police Reporting System), each submitted report will be reviewed by a supervisor, and if certain criteria are met, it will be assigned a case number and given to a detective for investigation.

Residents will need an active email account to submit a report and if they prefer to be contacted by phone, they can indicate that preference. Additional information can also be added later by a user by logging back in with the case number assigned to them.

Flint Police say the system will be a great help to them by allowing them to concentrate on responding to emergency calls that require immediate attention which will then help improve overall police response time for emergencies.

Residents can access the Citizens Online Police Reporting System on the right hand side of the City's homepage,

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