New data from University of Michigan researchers shows that Flint most likely has many more lead water lines than the city records show.

Based on the city records, the researches expected to see about 40% of the homes getting pipes replaced, to have lead service lines.

What they actually found is shocking.  They found that 96% of the lines contained lead.  That lead to this statement from the researches.

The city records are highly inaccurate, and incomplete.  Lead has been found in nearly every home that had its service line excavated, and nearly all of the lead pipes were found in the public portion of the connection.

This means that any dollar amount that has previously been set to fix the Flint Water Crisis, is dangerously low.

Originally the city had planned on replacing around 10,000 lead service lines, but the number may be as high as 25,000!

Flint has $27 Million to fix lines right now, and that is only supposed to cover the replacement of half of the original 10,000 lines.

While lawmakers are fighting to get some federal dollars for Flint, the problem may be growing faster than anyone could have anticipated.

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