The shop posted the message on their Facebook last month, citing the loss of their father as the reason for the decision.

courtesy of Pick n Lick Ice Cream

Don't lie, you're probably just like us: you've driven past the barn on Maple Road between Saginaw and Fenton Roads a million times, and you've seen the ice cream trailer a million times, and you've always said, "We should go there sometime."

courtesy of Pick n Lick Ice Cream

Well, maybe now you're like us and you wish you would've stopped the first time - Pick-n-Lick Ice Cream, a family-owned ice cream shop in Flint, has closed for good.

courtesy of Pick-n-Lick Ice Cream

They posted this to their Facebook page:

Pick n Lick Family, 

​It is with great sadness that we are informing you that we will not be reopening our business. Our father, the friendly man who loved serving all of you, sadly passed earlier this year. As we have tried to come to terms with this massive loss to our family, we have decided that we can’t open the business without him. Him and the business were synonymous. It just won’t be the same without him there to greet everyone, human and canine alike. We are getting by thinking about the good times, like how he loved having you all come by with your family and pets, striking up conversations, and watching kids run in the adjacent field.

​We also want to thank you all for your support throughout our years of business. You have made those years some of the best of our father’s life. We hope you all remember him for the kind, goofy, loving man that he was. All we can say from this experience is to cherish the time you have with your loved ones. Every day is a blessing.

​Additionally, if you know anyone that might be interested in purchasing the trailer, please have them PM us for details. Thanks again for the years of love and support.
-The Baker Family