The Flint Fire Department unveiled its newest fire truck on Thursday and put it into immediate use. The new truck was specifically for Flint with specification coming straight from the department. The $467,800 truck was paid for by a special Community Development Block Grant awarded to the city.

Some highlights of the new truck include a 750 gallon water tank for self-sufficient suppression, an ergonomic design to ensure all firefighters will be able to use the truck in an effective manner and state of the art technology.

Flint Emergency Manger Darnell Earley said "the deployment of this state-of-the-art fire suppression apparatus should go a long way towards enhancing our firefighters' capabilities." Fire Chief David Cox Jr. said "everything on that truck was made specifically for our firefighters to make sure they have everything they need to do their job in the best way possible."

The truck, known as a pumper, is a 2015 model and was built in Pennsylvania. In addition to the 1750 gallon per minute pump, it comes equipped with five different hoses, roll up door equipment departments and a built in medical cabinet within the five person cab. The new truck will replace a truck that has served for ten years. The City of Flint said that will it may seem early for a new truck, the volume of calls and consequent amount of use of the trucks by the department meant that the wear and tear happen at an increased rate and therefore need to be rotated sooner than normal.

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