Five-year-old Dakota Pitts lost his father. His dad was a police officer, killed in the line of duty. When it was time for Dakota to return back to school, he didn't want to do so alone. His Mom had one of his father's fellow police officers escort the five-year-old boy back to Sullivan Elementary in Indiana.

Thanks to the strong bond of multiple police forces in Western Indiana, Dakota returned to school this past Monday he was welcomed by a lot more than the fellow officer. There were 70 police officers, from multiple departments at school to welcome him. Dakota honored his father by wearing his police badge around his neck for his first day back. Some SWAT officers even presented Dakota with his own shirt and badge.

I'm not're crying.

According to CNN, Sullivan Elementary played a part in facilitating Dakota's welcome back. The principal says "Our hope is that Dakota's first day back to school after his father's passing is one that he will remember forever and that he will always know how much his father's sacrifice meant to all of us."

I'm sure it will be a day Dakota and his mother never forget.

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