Dearly beloved brothers and sisters, it is with mixed emotions I come before you today. In spite of the somewhat negative tone of the message, the sentiments I will share will inspire the spirit and motivate you to realize your full God given potential. As I convey this pronouncement, I would be most appreciative of your consideration to my objective and will welcome your participation in this endeavor.

I will begin with a judgment of contempt leveled at any and all persons that publicly proclaim, profess or accept a role of leadership in the community. The scorn is not limited to elected political officials, but ‘civilian’ leaders; i.e. parents, clergy, entertainers and sports figures are likewise included. The reason for my vein of contempt is not all that complicated. It revolves around a question of logic and the misapplication thereof, by the role models and otherwise enlightened spokesmen for the cause. I speak to those who convey to their audiences a message of despair and division disguised as hope, empowerment and resolution. It is a false confidence which you bestow on those who view you as the safeguard of their best interests. You seem to thrive on the confusion and chaos created by your less than candid accounts of race relations in America today.  One must query the sincerity and veracity of your intentions because your contentious rhetoric is in conflict with demonstrative reality.

As a grievance, you have proclaimed to be the target of unequal and unjust treatment solely due to racial attributes. However, if the judgment is without merit, why do you stand idle and/or encourage behaviors which allow the false premise to stand? I will concede the fact that one man cannot force the mindset of another, but, with certainty any man has the ability to demonstrate through his own actions, the negative perceptions others may have of you, are false.  For example, why is it acceptable for the genre of ‘rap music’ which by and large is profanity laced limerick depicting criminal activity and disrespect for authority, to serve as the high water mark in so-called “black society”? What is the redeeming and uplifting quality of wearing ones pants in a manner which shows the undergarment? Is this not the ‘style’ which is customary and popular in prison? After having relinquished a command of proper grammar and acquiesced to slang and expletives, why are you distressed when your concerns are often misconstrued? These illustrations coupled with a classic definition of logic would lead anyone to a negative conclusion about the observed behaviors and the actors engaged in it. Moreover, how does the plea for inclusion manifest itself when the simultaneous demand for separate cultural institutions and activities abound? So to the leaders I’ll ask, “What is the justification for continuing along this path?” What is the tangible benefit you seek? From all outward appearances and past experiences, the potential for reaching resolution to your woes in this manner is nonexistent. It appears that you are attempting to solve a material problem with superficial remedies, and the antidote you provided has become worse than the ailment.

It is incumbent on you to remove the doubt of those who question the legitimacy of your claims and your ability to solve the stated difficulty. Perhaps the most significant obstacle in your path is that of irony. One’s credibility is questioned when the message received is “do what I say, not as I do”. Why are not  the noted leaders and organizers living the life they declare as the one you must live as a member of the oppressed class? Are they not the same as you? When and how did their oppression disappear? To excuse mediocre academics, deplorable social behavior and lackluster career ambitions as the natural condition by virtue of birth and past racial transgressions, you have negated any possibility of achieving parity with the whole of society. You must remove the inconsistency from your argument and tout success based on individual merit and personal excellence, or continue the lament of unmitigated victimization. Until you coordinate your speech with your action, adopt the sidelines as your new residence.

So dearly beloved, cast aside the despair of a false message advocated by pretentious leaders. In your heart and conscience, you know that “…all men are created equal…” and it is “…the content of character…” that makes the man. Examine your character and that of your associates, give proper equity to that assessment, then, live and enjoy life to its fullest. Deny anyone with negative predispositions the ability to dictate the relationships you wish to garner. Who can best determine the quality of your associates than you? Blanket allegations by exaggerated gurus will only enhance their standing among themselves and keep you angry at phantoms and inconsistent truths.