A young man was asked to leave the Durand McDonald's for behaving unusually, so he took his one-man dance party to the parking lot... it didn't end well.

The saying "dance like no one's watching" isn't a piece of advice that will work in every setting. Take this one for example. This young man's dancing led to people being so concerned about his well-being, that the police were called and he was arrested on March 31st at around 6:45p.

According to a witness, the man was acting strange, and then began dancing inside the Durand McDonald's. He began taking off articles of clothing as well, and was then asked to leave by management. The young man told a bystander that he was "really agitated" and began asking people if he was offending them as he was leaving the restaurant.

Once the young man exited the restaurant is when the video picks up, showing the man getting in and out of his car, presumably to turn up the music, in between executing some very familiar dance moves. While the music coming from his car is not audible, we're going to assume it was something from 'Thriller.'

Due to his unusual behavior, bystanders thought he may have been under the influence of alcohol or some other substance, and were afraid he may drive off in that condition. Naturally, they contacted the police, who showed up promptly and took the man into custody... but their efforts were met with resistance.

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