This cop is going to great lengths to help his community.

A video of an officer with California's Huntington Beach Police Department showing a homeless girl how to play hopscotch has gone viral.

An officer was responding to a call about a car with people in it. While checking it out, he learned the people inside were a woman and her 11-year-old, who were living inside he vehicle, so he contacted officials to help get them shelter. In the meantime, another policeman identified as Zach Pricer tried to connect with the girl by teaching her hopscotch.

"For an 11-year-old girl, to see a police officer towering over her is a scary thing," Pricer, 38, told the Orange County Register. “I was trying to break the ice and get her to feel comfortable with me.”

Pricer's sweet gesture calls to mind the work of another basketball-playing officer whose work with children won hearts beyond the community he serves.

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