On 'Real Time with Bill Maher,' environmental activist Erin Brockovich explains why Flint, Michigan's water crisis is just the beginning of what will be a much larger problem throughout the United States.

Flint isn't the only city with outdated lead pipes that need to be replaced. The infrastructure is crumbling all across America, and while nearly every Presidential candidate includes "rebuilding infrastructure" in their sales pitch -- not a one of them has followed through on it. However, lead poisoning might not be the only storm on the horizon for our nation's water supply.

Erin Brockovich, who was advocating for Flint long before it was a national headline or Hillary Clinton talking point, talked to Bill Maher on Friday about the dangerous process by which the water is treated in the U.S. Brockovich even claimed that treatment plants are neutralizing chlorine with ammonia to avoid expensive filtration systems. This process causes a chemical reaction, which Brockovich says is directly linked to recent Legionella outbreaks... not unlike the ones we've seen here in Flint.

Brockovich also offered a pretty spot on reason for the entire coming-disaster -- "All of this is happening because of corrupt politics and f---ing greed, and it has to stop!" Well said.