If you like it hot, as in the temperature-wise, you are in luck (as of now anyway).

You know as well as I do, that the weather in Michigan can change within minutes. That being said, my excitement for the local forecast next week in Genesee County and Lapeer County may be premature. Nonetheless, I am staying hopeful.

As of now, temperatures for next week are projected to be in the upper 80s. I am talking a high of 86 degrees exactly one week from today, on Friday, May 13th. Could this be true on such an unlucky day?

We won't even have to wait until Friday to wear shorts if everything goes according to plan. As of now, the heatwave begins on Wednesday, May 11th. For argument's sake, here is the extended forecast for Genesee County and Lapeer County,

Genesee County


Lapeer County


Did you notice there is no rain in the forecast for any of the above days? I can't predict the weather, but I do know that if this is indeed the case people will be outside in droves.

Mark my words, you will see an increase in motorcycles on the roads, people walking, riding bikes, dining outdoors at home, and at area bars and restaurants too. Count me in for the latter.

I look forward to seeing you on a patio bar next week with a margarita in my hand. If it rains for some reason you will find me inside of a local bar, but still with a margarita in hand. Either way, it's a win-win.

Now go get your speedos and bikinis ready - just to be on the safe side.

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