A parent in the school district went off about bullying at the school on Facebook.

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I will be the first to admit, that I get annoyed by Facebook group pages. More often than not I will read a post with a question that could easily be answered by Google. Seriously, why would someone go to a group discussion page to ask if anyone knows what time a particular business closes? Just Google it!

Don't even get me going on people asking about babysitters publically either. Seriously? The nail in the coffin for me is watching people reply to fake profiles and or bots (internet robots). More often than not if you see a post where someone is asking something stupid - it is from a bogus account.

That being said, I saw a post yesterday that made me mad in a different way. This particular post made me upset because it was from a real person, filled with real emotion over a problem that from the number of replies is a big problem for a lot of students - bullying in schools.

The post I am referring to was about bullying specifically at Lapeer High School (see below). However, Lapeer was not the only school district called out for bullying issues on the Lapeer News & Discussion Facebook thread.

Lapeer News & Discussion Facebook
Lapeer News & Discussion FacebookMy heart breaks for any student who is being bullied. We have all been there. Yes, kids are going to be a-holes, but that is no excuse for bullying. There should be no 'kids will be kids' tolerance in any bullying situation.

I want to be clear that I am not pointing fingers, I just read what a lot of people read on this particular public community Facebook page. I look forward to hearing your opinions and thoughts on the matter.

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