At a time when we pretty much just concerned with all the bugs about to invade us with new diseases, now we have to worry about man's best friend.  A relationship that may have to be redefined.  We've been dog owners since we were kids and never gave something like this a second thought.  In all honesty, we've been letting dogs lick us and eat off of our forks for years.  Now it may be time to change that part of our lives as well.

According to USA Today on, Iowa officials are warning residents about a disease that's being passed to humans by dogs and there are some who believe that if not put in check it could spread to the rest of the Midwest.  It's called "Canine Brucellosis" and develops in kennels at breeding facilities.  Symptoms in humans include fever, sweats, headache, joint pain and weakness.  So far it looks like the situation will be contained but conditions could be replicated elsewhere so officials are putting out the warning.  Get more information by clicking HERE.


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