Another construction project along I-69 in Genesee County begins this week, and will cause multiple lane and ramp closures.

The closures are not the result of a major reconstruction project per say, they are more of a precautionary measure. MDOT is inspecting bridges and ramps all week to see if more work will be needed soon.

The work will be done from 8am to 2pm this week all along the Genesee County I-69 corridor. It was supposed to be done last week, but the work was pushed to this week. Below is a break out from MDot.

Monday May 13th

  • Bristol Rd exit ramps closed from 69 to Bristol
  • EB Bristol Rd will have lane closures underneath 69
  • Lane closures on Morrish & Seymour Rds over 69

Tuesday May 14th

  • Lane closures on M-13, Nichols, Duffield, and Bristol Rd at 69.

Wednesday May 15th

  • Lane closures at Elms, Miller, and Bristol Rd at 69.

Thursday May 16th

  • Lane closures on Linden Rd underneath 69.

Friday May 17th,

  • Lane closures on Linden Rd underneath 69.

The existing construction on 69, east of I-75 will be ongoing throughout the spring. Check out the MDOT interactive road construction map here.

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